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Your daily workout can be unusual

Your daily workout can be unusual Nathan Ruppert - Flickr.com

For security reasons, the organizers of the National Running Cup have decided not to organize the competition into separate country or town editions. But if you would like organize your edition of this run, under the National Running Cup auspices, as long as you assure it is free of charge, and it takes place in the time stated in the regulations, feel free to do so.

More and more often nowadays, when you want to watch your favorite sports live, you have to pay some fee to have the broadcast decoded. Tickets for sporting events are expensive, and often difficult to get. And all this when sport should be available to everyone. This is why we want the National Running Cup to always take place just where you do your workouts – in the streets and parks, in your towns.  We see sport as a universal good, a good that should be accessible to everyone. There is no room for bribery or drugs in the National Running Cup. It is a clean sporting event, available to anyone wishing to participate in it, either as a runner, or as a spectator. We have chosen a distance that, with some preparation, is likely to be doable to most people. And no tickets are needed – come and support the runners wherever they choose to run.

Changing the world does not need to be an epic adventure of heroic feats.